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hello I just want to make a fun game, any feedback is appreciated

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
Tags3D, Action RPG, Bullet Hell, Casual, Cute, Roguelike, Unity


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This is probably one of my favourite games to keep coming back to, keep the updates rolling!


Gave this game about an hour of playtime, tried all the classes of v0.2. The gameplay loop is quite fun, mostly just for sword guy, all the others are inferior to him due to the fact that he is the only one with real AOE. Personally I feel that Totem is the worst since he is the most single target of the bunch. Bear is most viable of the 3 gold costing characters. Sword guy is either too strong or the others are all just really weak.

Some more general feedback:

  • Sword knockback makes it easy to just afk since enemies are unable to get close
  • The character select intro takes a lot of time, and sometimes they get stuck and dont reach the door
  • Some extra info on what each upgrade does can be useful, makes sense after picking them a few times but at the start its rather confusing.(also showing what the value increase would be since pick up upgrade feels like lv 1-2 is nothing and lv3 is massive)
  • Life boost feels extremely underwhelming, get 20 max hp but it does not boost your current hp by 20 which makes it a bad pick when you start dying.
  • End screen is very satisfying (although it seems if you dont let the gold animation finish you do not get all the gold for completing)
  • Most upgrades feel very valuable (other than life boost)
  • Gameplay loop is good
  • Game could use some more sound enhancements, ambience, bgm, walking, etc.
  • Not sure on the art direction, looks like a lot of different artstyle assets put together (which is understandable for a solo developed game)

Overall a 6/10 game, most mechanics are there and it has a full gameplay loop. Sound is lacking and could be a big enhancement to the game experience. UI is good.

Well done, hope to see more updates!


Thanks for the fedback, yes the hp boost has a small regeneration, it can be op if you get enough, but i think need some instant impact it feels awful to update. 

First character is like easy mode, but is kind crazy some ppl toldme other characters are overpower but is kind the name of the game. 

About the art direction, I'm just a programmer, Im using some assets here and there. 

About sound, music I'm working on it I'm not focus on that, I'm more in to mechanics and bugs fixing now.